Online Assessment Tracking System (OATS) User Guide

Text Formatting Functionality

Making it Look Right

OATS provides the user with features similar to those one would find in word processing applications, such as Microsoft Word. This allows the individual to customize and format the text to his or her liking.

  • Information can be entered directly into the edit box or you can cut and paste the data from another source such as MSWord or MSExcel. *Technical Consideration - For best results during copying and pasting, launch the document within the original application (ie. not in a browser).

    A special Java plug-in will allow you to format as you enter text, or retain the formatting when you cut and paste. *Technical Consideration - The Java Runtime Environment will need to be installed.

    step 1
  • Use the toolbar to format your content. Clicking on the various tools such as Spell Checker, Symbols, Hyperlink, and Tables allows for a variety of ways to display the content properly.

    step 2

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