Online Assessment Tracking System (OATS) User Guide

Preparing the Annual Assessment

Before you Start –

  • Each school/department/unit should determine who will be involved in the preparation process, how the information will be gathered, in what format, and who needs to be involved in the internal review.
  • Entering the assessment on-line can occur in one of two ways. You can either collect the information from a variety of sources and “cut and paste” the information in OATS, or you can create and format as you enter the information directly into the application.
  • For departments that have more than one major, If the learning outcomes and assessment measurements are the same for two or more majors, please enter the learning outcomes and assessment measures for the main major(e.g., History).
    • You can then enter a message like the following for the main boxes of the other majors [e.g., History/Law and Society and History/Administrative Studies]:  "The Learning Outcomes and Assessment measurements for History/Law and Society [or for History/Administrative Studies] are the same as those for History; see History major."
    • This will allow you to enter the main data once, and any subsequent revisions only have to be made in one place.

During the Process –

  • One way to effectively use the system to handle editing the assessment is to use the cut and paste function.
    • Highlight the specific portion of the assessment that needs revision and paste it in a word document.
    • Make changes or enter a comment on what type of change is needed and email it to the appropriate individual.
    • Once the editing is complete cut and paste the new corrected version back into the OATS application.
  • The “Notes” feature can also be used to communicate editing or revisions.
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