Online Assessment Tracking System (OATS) User Guide

Technical Considerations

Ensuring a Positive Experience

The O.A.T.S program is community source software. Therefore, certain aspects of the program are not completely controlled by UCR. Following these simple guidelines will ensure a positive experience using the O.A.T.S program.

  1. Web Browser recommendations.
    • On Windows, Internet Explorer 7 is highly recommended.
    • On Macintosh, Safari 3 is highly recommended.
  2. Save your work, often.

    Remember to save when entering data into O.A.T.S by clicking the Save button. Save entries often and come back to them later to add or modify information.

  3. Using the WYSIWYG (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get) Editor.

    The O.A.T.S program utilizes a Java WYSIWYG editor. This program requires that Java be installed and will prompt the user to do so. Once Java is installed, the Java Editor will load automatically. To download and install Java, click here.

    Note: If changes saved in the WYSIWYG editor do not appear immediately, use the browser Refresh button to refresh the page. This will force the program to display the changes.

  4. Copy and Paste from Microsoft Office documents.

    Avoid opening Microsoft Office documents in a web browser. When copying information from any Microsoft Office document (e.g. Word, Excel), be sure to open the document within the appropriate program. For example, open a Word document in Microsoft Word – and then copy and paste to O.A.T.S.

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